Thursday, March 24

All About Herbs: Sage

Sage is a plant I have a love-hate relationship with. It's fantastic in cooking and fantastic in spells but it doesn't take much of the plant for the smell to be overwhelming for me. I hold my breath while making stuffing! The taste is just amazing though and within magick it has very powerful cleansing properties so I do consider it an essential herb to have to hand.

I'm currently growing some Sage in a small pot, I bought a herb growing set that included a pot, compost and seeds. Handy little set that only cost a couple of pounds, I got mine from Wilkinson's but I expect most garden centers and that stock something similar. Be warned though - plants from seeds do take a long time to mature but are pretty hardy once they do, usually after their first season.

This is my little sage plant at the moment -

Sage has a number of magickal properties but is best known for being used in smudge sticks when cleansing places, people or objects. It drives out negative energy which is very useful when purifying space before carrying out spells and rituals. Everything ends up smelling like a sunday lunch mind you!

Other magickal properties of sage include protection, good health, memory improvement, learning, healing, prosperity, justice and wisdom. Although, you may have your own personal uses of sage - I for one sometimes have different properties for herbs than whats listed in books and on websites. It all depends on how the herb "speaks" to you so don't confine yourself to the above list or anything you read.

One simple protection spell that I have used on occasion is to steap sage leaves in water, strain and then use the water to wash doors and windows, tipping the rest around the boundary of the property.

Have any sage spells? Don't forget to comment and share them with everyone!

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