Wednesday, April 6

Domestic Goddess Fail

Firstly I'd like to apologise for not posting this last week or so - my mum was staying so as you can imagine, I was exceptionally busy!

I'm really glad that my mum came as I'd gotten myself in a bit of a pickle. The photograph on the left is  my ironing pile. I may have "forgotten" about my ironing for a couple of weeks. Or three weeks. I'm not really sure as I'd been avoiding the spare bedroom (where the ironing was) and I'd been grabbing clothes straight out of the tumble dryer. Awful aren't I? Definitely a "Domestic Goddess" fail moment!

I'd managed to get the flat looking reasonably good with the help of my other half before my mum came but there was still that pesky pile of ironing that needed doing. I was a terrible daughter though - I fluttered my eyelashes at my mother and she rolled up her sleeves and set up the ironing board. Couple of hours later it was all done. Goodness knows what I would do without her... Thanks mum!

My wonderful mum also helped me do some sorting out. Both me and her love crafty things, from sewing to cross stitching to knitting to scrap booking so as you can imagine, both of us have rather large "stashes". Mine was in a storage box that just wasn't big enough and it was impossible to find anything without emptying it out and sifting through it.

So... We went shopping for baskets or small storage boxes, went to B&Q once but it was going to cost £20+ to get the amount I wanted! No way I was paying that so we nipped into Tesco and they had some white plastic baskets that were really cheap and perfect for what I wanted. The photograph above shows my new baskets, each one having different things in them and oh my its made it so much easier to find what I want! I want a piece of ribbon? I go to the ribbon box. I want to do some cross-stitch? I get the cross stitching basket out. I'm a very happy bunny! I do have my fabric, sewing machine and jewellery making bag in another cupboard (to the left of the one in the picture) but I can now access those really easily too. I'm looking forward to getting crafty now!

I'm also going on a mini diet. I need to loose some weight and generally become healthier so I've decided to cut out/down on a few things including biscuits, cheese, bread, butter and cream. I haven't had a biscuit in four days which is good seeing as I was eating a packet of biscuits a day. I'm hoping that cutting down on the fatty/sugary stuff and being more active I will be able to slowly cut down my weight. I'm not interested in loosing loads of weight in a short space of time as to me its not healthy and it usually doesn't last - you just put the weight back on. Wish me luck for my new diet, I could do with as much encouragement as I can get!

Well that's a mini update on me, I have some plans for posts this week including ones on incenses mixes, altars and my personal Book of Shadows. I will also be getting involved in the Witchy Wisdom Post-It Note Tuesdays (click on the logo in the sidebar for more info).

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

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