Thursday, September 13

Luna 9/12/2010 - 6/9/2012

Luna, our beautiful naughty tortie Syrian hamster, passed away last Thursday morning peacefully in her sleep.

Luna was born at Hammysworld in Stockport and we picked her up when she was a tiny baby at five weeks old. We couldn't get over just how tiny she was! She settled in quickly, scaring both my OH and I during the night - her wheel screeched, waking us up and then my OH thought that she was escaping because of all the noises she was making. Turns out she was just having a good old look around her cage.

Her first photograph -

She was such a gentle hamster, taking treats with such care that you could hardly feel even a whisker. She was a food loving hammy, the best thing in the world to her being a big fat mealworm. We'll never forget the first time she had mealworms - she went mental! Bit them in half and threw them to the side to attack the next one! I reckon she thought they were alive but she soon realised they were just tasty treats and they soon became her favourites - she'd often refuse other treats until you gave her a mealworm. She would sit by the bars (with the big door of her cage open mind you) and wait for her treats.

When she would come out she would go and sit with my OH, running across his belly while I'd go and get her some fresh treats. My OH would be telling her to be patient as she was always on the move - sometimes scaring him by running up to his shoulder and attempting to get onto the back of the sofa. Once she'd got her treat she'd usually have to be careful with her balance because my OH would be laughing - she was a funny little thing.

Then she'd go into her massive playpen which she loved - loved to try and escape from! She would always do her slow investigating walk around, then scent mark a few things (always one of the boxes got a good rub), make sure her playpen food store was OK then she'd be off to find a good box to start chewing. She loved her box chewing for sure. Half the time I'd find her belly up, back legs in the air with her front paws gripped tightly on a box, chewing away. Always made us laugh! When she'd had enough to would scrabble at the sides until I put my hand in, then she'd jump onto my hand for a lift out.

Night times we full of odd noises - squeaks, bangs, rattles, all sorts. I used to go to sleep listening to her doing whatever it was she was doing. She would bounce around her cage, from her water bottle, to her wheel, back to her water bottle, to one hammock, then the next one, then jump off that onto her wheel the mad hamster! I'd often hear her digging, and running on her wheel. When she went to bed she would wriggle around, banging the bowl in the shelf above her making a right racket! Always made me smile though.

We both miss her so much, it’s strange not hearing her rustling at night, not seeing her little ears poking up above the base of her cage when we walk into the bedroom, not saving a bit of whatever veggies we’re having for dinner for her.

Luna was a wonderful, cheeky little madam who gave us so much in the two years we had her and I’m glad we were able to give her a good life, she was a very happy hamster.

These are some of our favourite photographs and videos of Luna.

You will always have a very special place in our hearts Luna, our little hammy hamster. Thank you for all the joy you brought us, all the laughs and smiles. We’ll always love you and miss you Luna.

Rest in peace little one xxx