Saturday, November 12

Magically Blocked

You may have wondered why I've not posted anything remotely "witchy" lately - to tell the truth I seem to have some sort of magical block. Or something. I'm the type of person who if something doesn't feel right, at least where religion, magic, witchcraft etc is concerned, I don't do it. The thing is nothing magical has felt right lately. It's like I've been cut off from my witchiness. Even Samhain didn't make me feel any better - I bought a pumpkin and it's sitting uncarved on my worktop looking quite sad. My Pagan books are collecting dust and I haven't opened my Book of Shadows, not even for a little peak, for months now.

Maybe I need to be more disciplined with my faith in regards to both studying and practicing. Forget the "if it doesn't feel right don't do it" thing and just get on with things. I really don't know. Maybe Yule will give me the boost I need - it's my favourite holiday and celebration.

Do you ever feel like this? How do you get past it? I need some help guys!

Friday, November 4

Trying my hand at Embroidery

Mum gave me a few copies of Mollie Makes - my favourite crafting magazine - and I instantly fell in love with the "Lovely Ladies" embroidery projects. I'd never done embroidery before, plenty of cross stitch but that was always on Aida and what have you. I gave one of the ladies a go and oh my, I'm so pleased with her! My other half loves her as well!

I started another one last night, from the same series, I'll be finishing her later. Including making her right eye bigger, looks like she's squinting at the moment -

I don't have any linen at the moment so I've stitched them calico (the only plain fabric I have it seems!) and plan to make the second one into key ring.

I've definitely fallen in love with embroidery and will be going through all my crafting books and magazines to find some more projects!