Wednesday, March 16

Spell Candle Pouch

After buying some lovely beeswax candles I realised I had no where to store them where they wouldn't get damaged. The main thing I didn't want to happen was the different coloured wax rubbing against each other so I decided to make some small pouches out of felt - they are quick, cheap, simple and serve their purpose. Of course you can use them to store other things too! The most difficult thing about them is the stitch I used (Blanket Stitch) but even that's quite simple to do.

You will need:
Tape Measure


Cut a piece of felt that is 3 times the height of the candles. Lie the felt flat, fold the bottom of the felt up to create the front piece, this piece should be slightly longer than the height of the candles. Sew both sides of the front piece to the back piece, using a blanket stitch. (Having one piece of felt instead of two means that you only stitch down the sides)

Fold the top of the felt down over the front piece to create the "lid". Cut a slit in the lid half the size of the button you're using, ensure that the hole meets up with where you will be placing the button. Sew the button onto the front piece.

Ta Da! You should have something that looks like the green one below, which I made last night (I sewed the bottom of mine as I got a bit carried away with the stitching...)

Apologies that my instructions aren't very good, I'm much better at showing than explaining... I wont even attempt to tell you how to do a blanket stitch, click here for a video tutorial someone made on YouTube.

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