Tuesday, March 22

From Day to Night and Night to Day

I like to greet the morning and the night, in the morning I wish for a happy and productive day, in the evening I ask for peaceful sleep and protection of myself and those I love. At the moment I simply say a prayer but after reading a post by Lyn, titled Double Candle Magick, on her blog Adventures in Life, Love and Magick I had an idea to say thanks to the Goddess for the previous night/God for the previous day and then greet either the day or night within the same spell/prayer.

You will need -
One black candle (or whichever colour represents the night to you, possibly silver)
One white candle (or which ever colour represents the day to you, possibly gold)
Potato peeler
Lighter or matches
Suitable candle holder

Create a straight edge on each candle using the peeler where you will be sticking them together. Hold the two candles together, light the taper candle and drip wax along the seams of the black and white candle. Once dry the two candles will be stuck together, add more wax if needs be. Place in the candle holder. Lyn suggested using a small glass jar filled with sand which I will be doing, I always wash out empty jars and take off the labels as they always come in handy!

Place the candles where the moonlight and sunshine will reach them (careful with putting them in a window, I have ended up with puddles of wax during hot days by doing this) and on each morning and evening light the candles and say thanks for what you recieved the night or day before and ask for what you wish for the coming day or night.

I'm absolutely useless at writing prayers etc so I tend to make up what I'm saying as I go, each morning and evening being slightly different but I will share one of my personal favourite prayers, this one is to be said before going to sleep.

"Lady of the Moon
Lord of the Sun
Protect me and mine
Now day is done"
 - Living Wicca by Scott Cunningham

I will update this post with photographs of the candles when I can, I would post some now but my camera is playing up at the moment, but if you visit Lyns blog (the link is at the start of this post) you will see some photographs of the two candles stuck together.

If you would like to share any prayers that you use to greet the day and night post a comment!

Update! Managed to get one photograph before my camera battery died, I ended up using a tealight holder filled with salt to hold the candles, I will post a photograph of the candles lit tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

    I love this spell/prayer!

    With my witchlets, we have a bedtime "ritual" every night (you can read about it here: http://momsawitch.blogspot.com/2010/01/sweet-dreams-and-give-away.html - note the giveaway is no longer valid though)


  2. Ohh by the way -- I grabbed your button & have added it to my blog :)