Monday, August 8

Household Organiser - Weekly Shop

Another addition to the Household Organiser - the "Weekly Shop" sheets, glad you liked the Monthly Planner sheets! Whenever I write a shopping list I always have one bit of paper for what we need for the meals I've planned and another bit of paper with everything else we need, usually referred to as the "Essentials" by me and my other half, hence the third column on the shopping list titled "Essentials".

These sheets will enable me (and you!) to quickly jot down something we run out of when we actually run out of it, rather than attempting to remember it when I go to write the shopping list. For example, if I run out of bay leaves (something I buy every so often rather than for specific meals), I'll write it straight down on in the Essentials column ready for when I do the shopping. Also, if I decide to make a certain meal for the coming week, before writing the actual shopping list, I can easily jot down the ingredients I need and not loose the bit of paper with the list on - it will all be safe in the Household Organiser!

This will work well for me as I shop online, sometimes my other half goes to the shop and when he does I still do the normal type of shopping list and then create another shopping list ordering the items in regards to where they are in the shop so it's easy for him to find everything. I've got these long slimline notebooks that are perfect for shopping lists that I use for those lists.

Weekly Shop


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  2. Excellent! Thanks so much again ;o) Have a great day!