Saturday, August 6

Household Organiser - Monthly Planner

I'm in the process of getting properly organised and my first step is a household organiser consisting of five different sections - Planners, Shopping, Finances, Contacts and Information. Well, those are the sections I plan on using - no idea if I will stick to those or change things along the way!

The planning section is where I'm starting. It will consist of three different types of sheets - a yearly calender, a monthly calender with a note section and a daily planner. There will be a page for each day with to do lists, meal planning etc and at the beginning of each month will be the monthly planner, sort of an overview of the coming month which can be referred to throughout.

I've made the monthly planner, starting from August 2011 up until December 2011, no need to print of next years yet. I uploaded it to Scribd so that you guys can download it if you want to :) The pages are A4 and have a 2cm margin on the left and right sides allowing room for it to be hole punched. It's a .PDF file, if anyone wants the Word file or a small change made let me know and I'll do it for you :) I haven't included any holidays on it as we all celebrate different times, dates etc, I thought it would be better to leave it blank rather than having holidays on there you don't celebrate!

2011 Monthly Planner


  1. Excellent thankyou! It's good to be organized! Have a great day!

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  3. You're seriously reminding me that I NEED to do something like this, pronto! :) It's always around this time of year, the few months before Samhain, that I feel like everything is getting cluttered, disorganised and out of sync.

  4. Wonderful share! Thank you and good luck with your organization...I really need this! lol