Friday, January 20

Candles and Daffodils

Happy 2012 everyone! I hope yours has gone smoothly so far. Mum came to stay for a week on New Years day and left her nasty cold behind. Both my other half and I caught her cold - knocked me for six! I spent four days in bed, coughing, spluttering, sneezing and wheezing. Not nice. We've both kicked the cold now and I'm raring to get 2012 started.

In my last post I told you how I had felt magically blocked for a while - that I had lost my witchy feeling. Guess what?! I have it back! *does a little dance* Thank you everyone who commented on that post, I felt so much better after reading what you had said, knowing that I wasn't alone. I hope that you guys have your witchyness back too!

Want to know what sparked it of? Candles! My aunt gave me two packs of beeswax sheets and wicks to make my own rolled candles and I had a go the other day. It was great fun! Took me a couple of attempts to get the hang of starting them off but I think I did quite well. Here's a photograph of the first one. Excuse the table - it's scratched to hell. I really need some new candle holders as all I really have (except for the one pictured which I don't like) is tealight and votive holders. Anyway, I made 20 candles in total and loved every minute of it :D I still have some wax left too to make some more. I just wish rolled beeswax candles wouldn't burn so quickly!

I now have a wonderful collection of candles, including the ones I've made and ones that my other half bought me a while back. I've got loads of different coloured mini spell candles too which is always handy!

Who has had enough of winter then? It's not my favourite season to be honest - I much prefer Autumn and Spring. Spring is just around the corner now though! I know it's a bit early but when doing the weekly food shop I couldn't resist getting a bunch of daffodils >.< Daffs, as I like to call them, really signify the beginning of spring to me - for me spring starts when I see my first bunch of daffs growing. I'll be having a look in my books later, do a little bit of research online and will write a post all about daffodils soon.

Here's my bunch, in a ribbon wrapped Kilner jar, I can't wait until they open up -

Well, I hope that you're all well, had a wonderful Yule and New Year and that you are looking foward to spring just as much as me. If I don't speak to you all before hand, have a wonderful Imbolc!


  1. I love Daffodils, probably because they signify the new season! They are by far my favourite flower :)

  2. Your daffodils are beautiful!
    For me , it's when I see those tiny snowdrops poking through the ground , I know it's not going to be Winter for much longer!

  3. I am glad you are feeling better ;o) Happy 2012 ;o) I love candles! They are very powerful! I guess it's the fire in them ;o) Can't wait to see your daffodils open up ;o) I have to admit, I love winter and we haven't had a bad one so far ;o)

  4. Daffodils are so cheerful and beautiful...a lovely sign of spring.
    I found your candles to be wonderful and special. You made them with your own hands so your energy went into each one :)