Tuesday, May 8

Luna and an Update

I haven't posted about my Syrian hamster Luna for a long while, thought I'd give you an update. She's going to be 17 months old tomorrow and oh my has time flown past! Seems like only yesterday she was just a baby. She's definately grown though, I found a couple of photoraphs of her in her toilet, one from when she was a baby, one from not too long ago and I was absolutely amazed at the size difference.

I wanted to share some photographs and videos of her, she's a massive part of my life and it's only fair that she gets some 'blog time'!

That's actually an old photograph of her but it's one of my favourites. I'll post some recent pics of her at the end of my post.

For those who didn't know about Luna, she is a tortoiseshell and white Syrian hamster, born at Hammysworld in Stockport on the 9th of December 2010. She's a little attention seeking madam! Maybe not so much of the 'little' though, she was tiny when we first got her but now? She's a big, big lass!

We used to use a plastic storage box as a playpen for her, here's a couple of videos of her in it -

She now has a massive playpen made out of Correx (or at least the UK version, can't remember the name). At first she was a bit hesitant in it but quickly gained her confidence in there and now zooms around like a mad thing. 

The last two nights she's been exceptionally active, I reckon it's because last week we called her old lol. She did give my OH a few scratches on his face though, apparently faces don't make good ladders to climb. Lots of claw gripping is needed which just ends up with yelps. 

I was a total idiot the other night... Left her cage door open >.< Thankfully she just went back to bed rather than escape but ever since I've been paranoid that I've left it open and keep going to check it lol. It's the second time I've left her cage open, the first time I didn't reattach a couple of tubes. That time she just went back to sleep instead as well lol. Touch wood I won't do it again! 

These are her most recent photographs, sadly I don't have a working camera anymore so can only photograph her when my mum stays. I can still video her though, if you want to see any more vids of her click on the YouTube icon at the top of the sidebar on the right :)

Luna has lost some fur on her hips, we think it's a combination of molting - her bum goes from black in the winter to brown in the summer - and her age. Although she's not on per say, she's not a spring chicken anymore. She's now having Debittered Brewers Yeast and Cod Liver Oil to help, fingers crossed she grows some of it back, or at least doesn't loose any more. Any healing vibes you could share for her would be appreciated x

I was a bit sad recently as I found a Robovoski hamster called Poppy on Preloved that needed a new home, convinced my other half, found the perfect place in our flat to put her cage and as she came with everything she needed I didn't need to buy any more. Turned out she was allergic to the substrate I use and we don't have the space to buy another massive bag of substrate... But, I posted about her on a hamster forum and someone on there has re homed her :D I know that she's in a really good home now, just wish I could have met her!

An update re the agoraphobia/anxiety problems I've been having... I start cCBT soon, possibly this week! A friend sent me some info about these self help people, I referred myself to them (saved going through my GP) and I've got an assessment on Friday. I have to admit I'm not in any way looking forward to it, I'm a complete bag of nerves but I know that it will help me so I'm gritting my teeth and getting on with it. It's all done over the phone and on line which makes it much, much more suited to me as I'm not able to get out and I'm not so good with person to person things. At least not when it comes to problems I'm having. 

I hope that you're all well and enjoyed the Super Moon! I'll post an update about the cCBT soon, fingers crossed it goes well!


  1. LOL!! Aww, these are great! So very adorable! We actually used to have a couple of domestic rats. They were so friendly and CLEAN!!! Much cleaner than my bunny LOL!! Thanks so sharing these!

    Have a great day!!