Friday, July 1

Notebooks and Divination Tools

I posted a photograph of my Book of Shadows on a previous post but I never mentioned my love of notebooks, note writing and list making. I make lists for almost everything - from to do lists to wish lists to shopping lists to lists planning events and every kind of list in between. I also make random notes, whether it be something that I've thought of, remembered or read in a book, I'll get it written down somewhere.

Here's a selection of my notebooks, all but the pink and blue ones are notebooks I have "on the go" at the moment.

The top left one is a Health and Beauty book from Paperchase that I keep all sorts of recipes, techniques and tips in on topics ranging from relaxation to first aid. The bottom left one is my Divination notebook where I keep records of any Tarot readings or Rune castings that I do. The bottom middle book is my Pagan notebook, it has draft versions of Book of Shadows pages, spell planning notes, notes on books I own plus a few lists like what essential oils I need to get, what books I would like and what not. The last one is my prayer book, its only small, perfect for carrying in my handbag.

I've been going through my "Witchy" (as I call them) things and thought I would share some photographs of my divination tools. All hold very special places in my heart, especially the clear quartz ball as it was given to me by a witch in Yorkshire (a story I will tell another time!). The amethyst Runes are mostly used for magic rather than divination but I thought I would include a photograph of them anyway. The Tarot deck is the "Tarot of a Moon Garden". The pendulum is made from amethyst, although its quite hard to tell as the photo came out a bit dark.

I hope that you like the almost finished design of the blog, I do have a few more things to do but its almost done.

Have a wonderful weekend, as a finishing note here is a video of my hamster stuffing her face which I took this morning -

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