Friday, June 24

Q: Can you do a Tarot reading for yourself?

A: Yup, you damn well can! At least in my opinion.

I fail to see the logic behind the notion that doing a Tarot reading (or any type of divination) for yourself will be biased or anything along those lines. Whether you do a reading for yourself, or someone does it for you, you will still have to further interpret the reading for you to understand how it applies to your own life. Thus, connecting, for example, the Lovers card to a person you have romantic feelings for. Doing the reading yourself just cuts out the middle man.

To explain further, again using the romantic feelings example, the person doing the reading pulls the Lovers card, explains the meaning behind it, how it related to the other cards in the spread etc then you explain to the reader that you have romantic feelings for Mr.X, you will then both discuss the possible implications of the Lovers card to the situation as well as other possible situations it may apply to. Or, if you are given a reading and are unable, for whatever reason (say its done online), to discuss it with the reader, you are still going to apply it to the most likely situation. Some, hopefully most, will explore other situations it will apply to as well but if your first instinct is that its regarding the person you have feelings for, then who is to say that your instinct is wrong?

If you want a totally objective, unbiased reading then it will have to be done by someone you don't know. That person certainly isn't going to turn around and say, "Oh! The Lovers card, it definitely applies to Fred, not Sam, the person you have a romantic feelings for so just ignore the first person who came to mind (Sam), because I know its about Fred". You still have to relate what they read, no matter how much detail they are able to go into (which wont contain names, or specific places etc etc) to your own life, because they don't know you or how it can relate to your life or situation. You have to do that part yourself which is the part can be said to be biased. In other words, no matter what the reading says, you are still ultimately going to have to interpret it yourself and apply it to yourself.

Well, that's enough ramblings from me. What's you're view on the matter?

Note that this is a modified reply that I gave to someone on The Pagan Meridians social network forum, I was going to be posting about the absurdities of the rule "To Be Silent" but that will now have to wait until the next time I can come online!

See you all next time,

Blessed Be x

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