Saturday, April 21

Easy Peasy Cheesy Parlsey Sauce

I've recently decided I should eat more fish (or should I say, any/some fish!) and thought that fishcakes were a good place to start as I used to love fishcakes and chips from the local chippy where I used to live. Started off having them with a bit of mayo and some chips but wanted to turn it into what I call a 'proper' meal. Stuff straight out of the freezer (like burgers and chips) are our quick, no fuss, no-food-in-the-cupboards foods. Anyway, went looking for some sort of sauce that I could put with it and Google kept giving me parsley sauce results. I hate parsley! It smells horrible and tastes even worse. Gave up but a few days ago I asked my mum if it actually tastes like parsley, she said it didn't so I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. Made it last night and oh my, it's wonderful! Wasn't difficult to make, didn't taste like parsley at all and went amazingly with the fish cakes. We had a couple of fishcakes each, new potatoes, peas and cheesy (yum!) parsley sauce. Was so good, I thought I would share the recipe!

Cheesy Parsley Sauce

Serves 4
50g butter
40g plain flour
500ml milk
25g parsley, finely chopped
150g mature cheddar, grated
Salt and pepper, to taste

Melt the butter in a saucepan over a medium heat. Once melted, add the flour to make a thick paste then slowly add the milk, ensuring that the milk is Incorporated in with the flour and butter before adding any more, preventing any lumps. Reduce the heat and cook for a few minutes, until slightly thicker. Add the parsley and cheese, cook for a further few minutes on the low heat then season. Your tasty cheesy parsley sauce is now ready to serve!

I actually cooked mine for a good 20 minutes after adding the parsley and cheese as I got the timings a bit wrong (not my strong suit) but it didn't seem to make any difference other than it was very thick. It was absolutely gorgeous! Definitely a hit with my other half too!

Happy cooking!