Monday, February 6

I went out

A little while back I told you that I was having problems with agoraphobia - well, I seem to have made a tiny step towards being able to function normally.

I haven't been able to leave my flat for a 11 months but last week I went to the corner shop! It's a five minute walk away but I haven't been able to go further than the car park (I live in an apartment building, 2nd floor) for so long. I don't know why I was able to go then, I just went downstairs with my OH to see off the landlord but my OH wanted to go to the shop and I had left my keys behind, I said that I would borrow his keys and come and let him in when he got back. Then I decided walking a few steps wouldn't hurt and ended up going all the way to the shop.

Very proud of myself, it's the most progress I've made for almost a year. Sometimes it's hard just leaving the flat to check the post (which is on the ground floor).

Anyway... I'm proud and just wanted to share >.< Go me :D